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Areas of Business Law Practice

The lawyers of Leone Halpin, LLP, work to provide businesses throughout the South Bend and Northern Indiana area with the legal expertise necessary to plan, prepare, and handle issues that arise within the operation of your business. As you can tell from the areas listed below, we have your business law needs covered.

Advice to Clients

Assist in the decision-making process necessary to form a new business. Advise clients about the best form of organization (corporation, limited liability company or partnership) to meet their needs.

Assumed Names

Prepare and file notices of assumed names.

Business Plans

Assist in the preparation of business plans for submission to financial institutions and others who may provide capital to the new enterprise.

Buy-sell Agreements

Prepare buy-sell agreements between owners of small businesses to provide for the orderly disposition of an owner's interest in the event of death or disability.


Assist in the acquisition of capital for the new enterprise; provide documentation, including bills of sale, deeds and subscription agreements, to document and transfer capital to the new business entity.

Contract Preparation

Assist in preparing contracts for employment, for purchase of real estate and for other transactions.

Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

Set-up small business corporations and limited liability companies.

Decision Making

Assist in the decision-making process necessary to form a new business.

Dispute Resolution

Resolve disputes with governmental entities, taxing authorities and others.

Document Preparation

Prepare the documents necessary to form a new business organization, including articles of incorporation, articles of organization and partnership agreements. Prepare by-laws, operating agreements and corporate minutes and other records concerning the proceedings of business organizations.

Foreign Corporations

Prepare and file applications to do business as a foreign corporation in all states.

Governance and Operational Issues

Advise clients on the legal requirements for maintaining and operating sophisticated business entities.

Maintenance of Required Filings

Track and maintain reports required by state and local governments, including, reports to continue corporate existence, to continue status as a foreign corporation and to continue the use of assumed names.

Opinions of Counsel

Prepare opinions of counsel for the sale of a business and for the borrowing of funds for the business.


Draft partnership agreements for general partnerships, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships.

"S" Corporations and "C" Corporations

Assist clients in determining the best tax status ("S" Corporation, "C" Corporation or Partnership Treatment) for their organizations under federal and state laws.