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Working to help your business with its collection needs

Prompt receipt of business receivables can be the lifeline of your business, but if not done properly you not only face possible cash flow issues, but you may also face consequences under the law. Leone Halpin, LLP can help you develop a plan for your business to assist you in maximizing your collections while minimizing your risk.

Account and Form Design

Prepare forms and contracts to the secured creditors' advantages.



Represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings to maximize creditors' return.


Collection Letters

Prepare standardized demand letters to past due and delinquent accounts.


Collection Planning

Advise clients on collection strategies for past due and delinquent accounts.



File and prosecute claims in federal and state court.


Periodic Reports

Provide periodic reports to clients on the status of collection activities.


Proceedings Supplemental

Provide post-judgment periodic follow-up to collect unpaid judgments through garnishments of wages and bank accounts.


Replevins, Foreclosures and Evictions

Represent creditors in foreclosure, replevin and eviction procedures.